Internet Of Things : Privacy Protection

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Internet of things Privacy protection and Research Ruining Fan Abstract Analyzes the problems existing in the Internet of things through each layer in Internet of things especial in perception layer and access layer. Introduced some security and privacy situation of Internet of things like anonymous method, the basic principle of encryption technology. Overview of Internet privacy protection technology in the future and the improvement technology. Introduction The concept and characteristics Internet of things (IoT) is becoming a hot topic in recent years. Its application is very wide which can be applied to the military, industry, agriculture, power grid and networks, transportation, logistics, energy saving, environmental…show more content…
Its main characteristic is through the radio frequency identification (RFID), sensors and other ways to obtain all kinds of information in the real world which combined with the Internet and mobile communication network and other network information transmission and interaction, the intelligent computing technology analysis of information processing. Thus improve the perception of the material world, and to realize intelligent decision and control. Although Internet of things can reference some of the mature technology in network, the Internet of things in the information acquisition, processing and application of the technology and the technology is a big difference, First, compared with wireless sensor network, Internet of large number and variety of sense terminals. Second compared with distributed computing technology, the Internet of things need to responsible for the information processing of all kinds of intelligent computing technology in perception of massive amounts of data and information. Third, compared with the Internet applications, the application of Internet of things technology will cover more and more wide fields. Layers in IoT In general, can put the architecture of Internet of things into the perception layer, Internet layer,
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