Internet Piracy : Friend Or Foe?

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Cameron Crotts Gallos English 3 Honors 5 November 2015 Internet Piracy: Friend or Foe? Internet piracy has been debated about for almost two decades, and still its effects are not clear to the public. Piracy is the act of illegally copying files that have been copyrighted, usually things like music, movies, games, and even books. The music and film industry usually report about a sharp decline in sales because of piracy, but other experts disagree and some even claim that piracy is helping those industries. There are obviously many sides to this argument. Is piracy the problem? Is legislation the problem? Is the industry at fault? For years the music and film industry has taken a “black and white” stance on piracy. “While downloading…show more content…
piracy. In addition, U.S. retailers are losing another $1.04 billion. These estimates suggest total "direct" losses to all U.S. industries from music piracy that exceed $6.37 billion”(the true cost). As soon as piracy emerged, numerous studies were published supporting the music industry 's worst fear, that piracy was affecting sales. The digital age had just emerged and many were unsure of the change that this would bring. The music industry had to adapt the most and was also the most reluctant to do so. Many held on to the idea of physical copies of music, yet consumers demanded change. The same goes for movies and television. A new emerging view has also arisen out of this predicament. This stance argues that piracy has had a positive effect on all of the industries it has affected. One idea is that those who pirate materials and enjoy them are likely to advertise via word of mouth. Those people who pirate materials are likely to spread good word about them, if they are truly good, and therefore other may hear these reviews and go and purchase the content for themselves. Sometimes piracy leads users to a “try before you buy” mentality which helps consumers decide whether or not they want to purchase an item. For example, someone might pirate a movie to see what their first impression is, then go see it in theaters for the experience. This is true for other media as well.
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