Internet Predators

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Internet Predators One in four US teen girls reported that they met strangers off the Internet. One in seven boys admitted they did as well. While most of these "Internet friends" turn out to be another teen or preteen, that 's not always the case. Unfortunately, children are now dying at the hands of their Internet child molesters and, not all sexual exploitation of children occurs offline. These child molesters are blackmailing the children into performing sexual acts in the comfort of their own homes, on web cams. Yet, 100% of the children molested by Internet sexual predators went willingly to a meeting. They may have thought they were meeting a cute fourteen year old boy or girl, but they knew they didn 't know the person in…show more content…
Profile of an online predator • most likely male • seductive • introverted • sadistic • sexually indiscriminate • morally indiscriminate How predators work: Some online predators gradually seduce their targets through the use of attention, affection, kindness, and even gifts. They are often willing to devote considerable amounts of time, money, and energy in this process. They listen to, and empathize with, kids ' problems. They will be aware of their latest music, hobbies, and interests. These individuals attempt to lower young people 's inhibitions by gradually introducing sexual context and content into their conversations. There are other predators, however, who immediately engage in sexually explicit conversations with children. This more direct attempt may include harassment or stalking. Predators may also be evaluating children they come in contact with online for future face-to-face contact. The Grooming Process 1. There are high chances the predator will have gathered information and your age from your online profile. 2. May have sat in the background watching and waiting for the opportunity to come in and connect with you after he has found a crack in your defenses. 3. Starts to initiate a friendship, drawing you in closer until he wants to share with you in a private chat room so that you are not interrupted by other people in the chat room (isolates you.) 4. Wants you to trust him. 5. He asks questions about your
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