Internet Privacy Analysis

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The definition of privacy is the state or condition of being free from being observed or disturbed by other people. With so many people watching and sharing information this information is nonexistent. Now a days technology advances every day and it evolves the way we live in a lot of different aspects for example like the way we communicate and share information with one another or the world. Almost everyone affiliates with the internet in one way or another. Along with the advancements of technology and the ways we communicate there can come some serious consequences, for example like a young teenage girl posting and sharing about how she just got her license there could be someone who comes by it and wants to steal her identity it is as…show more content…
What is online about someone can bring negative consequences Murphy explains “you might not get a job because of a indiscreet tweet”(1). The internet can have a big impact on your outside life and might even get in the way of employment. Murphy also explains how “relationships are harder to establish”(5). It is hard to have a relationship and have it grow if everything about you is searchable the more you put put out about yourself on the internet the leas intimate things can be in a relationship. Murphy informs us on how “people are coming to understand how their online date might be used against them”(1).Posting online can have many more consequences. Employers and colleges now look to social media to check out possible candidates if there are questionable items that show up they might prevent a job…show more content…
Murphy illustrates how eager people to have fame when she says “there is also this idea in our society that if I embarrass my self enough I can be the next Snooki or Kardashian”(5). People want to be famous so bad they are willing to do anything wrong, privacy is still important. Murphy also informs us on how “ it’s not surprising that privacy research in both online and offline environments has shown that just the perception, let alone the reality, of being watched results in feelings of low self-esteem, depression and anxiety performance”(4).when people are confronted with the fact that they have little to no privacy. They begin to stress about it it affects their thoughts ,body and their mental and emotional
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