Internet Privacy Essay

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Internet Privacy

The concern about privacy on the Internet is increasingly becoming an issue of international dispute. ?Citizens are becoming concerned that the most intimate details of their daily lives are being monitored, searched and recorded.? ( 81% of Net users are concerned about threats to their privacy while online. The greatest threat to privacy comes from the construction of e-commerce alone, and not from state agents. E-commerce is structured on the copy and trade of intimate personal information and therefore, a threat to privacy on the Internet.
The Internet?s leading advertising company, DoubleClick, Inc. compiled thorough information on the browsing routine of millions of users. They
…show more content… is a privacy-enhancing technology that allows individuals to browse the web and send e-mails anonymously or pseudonymously in order for people to cover electronic tracks. Genuine Privacy Enhancing Technologies limit or eliminate the collection of personally identifiable information. It is quite cheap and fairly easy to accumulate thorough information about people because of the advances in computer technology. This can prove to be beneficial for law enforcement looking to track down criminals; prevention of fraud within banks, and consumers becoming more educated about new products and services. However, this also creates opportunity for misuse of such information.

Information sent over the Internet has the potential to pass through dozens of various computer systems on the way to its intended destination. ?Each of these systems may be managed by a different system operator (sysop), and each system may be capable of capturing and storing online communications.? ( It is possible for the online activities of Internet users to be monitored, both by their own service provider and by the system operator of any sites on the Internet that may capture them. ?There are virtually no online activities or services that guarantee an absolute right of privacy.?(
If the communication is ?readily
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