Internet Privacy : How Much Privacy Do We Really Have Anymore? Essay

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Mike Mingone Mrs. Main May 6, 2015 English 15 Essay 5 Internet Privacy How much privacy do we really have anymore? Each and every day new technologies are being born and introduced into our society. A lot of these technologies have something to do with tracking and monitoring the consumer or user of a product or service. I am okay with having my personal information shared with the Internet but only to a point. While Americans claim to care about their privacy, they seem to really care about convenience more. If giving up personal information will make things easier, Americans seem to be all for it. According to Google’s chief economist Hal Varian, “Everyone will expect to be tracked and monitored, since the advantages, in terms of convenience, safety, and services, will be so great” (qtd. in Kelly). Since sharing and collecting information is both beneficial for consumers and companies, it should be continued; however, companies should invest more time and money in digital security and in the protection of the information gathered from the consumers, and they should also be more clear about how that gathered information will be used. Many companies today in the marketing world are using new methods of online behavioral tracking to advertise and suggest products or services to their appropriate target market. Behavioral targeting is the process of obtaining website information about a consumer based on what websites they use and what they have previously searched for.

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