Internet Procurement Essay

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Internet Procurement In order to understand the Internet Procurement industry, it is necessary to understand who the key players are and on what competitive dimensions they compete. To facilitate this understanding, I have put together a SWOT analysis of Oracle, Ariba, and Commerce One, as well as an analysis using Porter’s Five Forces framework. Understanding these three key players is necessary to understanding the industry and the competitive forces at work.

Ariba and Commerce One both provide a way to easily build an eCommerce community (suppliers and buyers). Oracle allows for such activity, but appears to have a limited electronic marketplace (for Internet Procurement) compared with Ariba and Commerce One. Their
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The solution works out of the box with Oracle Applications and is interfaced easily to other ERP or legacy systems

· Technology to Keep You Ahead of the Competition – Oracle Internet Procurement is a comprehensive solution built upon proven technologies, with a successful track record in major global companies. But large companies are not the only ones taking advantage of Oracle’s internet-based procurement solutions. Mid-size firms across all industries are also streamlining their procurement processes with Oracle

· Support for All Purchases – Oracle Internet Procurement supports production, MRO, service and administrative purchases on a single procurement backbone—a single solution supporting the complete procurement process across your enterprise. You won’t have to synchronize business rules or files across multiple systems, or worry about training users on manifold systems. Different types of buying are supported by the catalogs you make available to your employees. And, when new software is released, you won’t have to worry about integration or maintenance issues. The entire procurement system is built on one technology and maintained by the same organization—Oracle.

· Oracle knows that
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