Internet Protocol ( Voip )

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Information Technology
Management Task 1
VOIPs Project
Western Governors University

Our proposed voice over internet protocol (VOIP) phone system is powered by Cisco. It is consist of several hardware and software devices. The most basic piece of hardware to be used is the Cisco PBX. This device cost $6000. It supports a surplus of over 1000 extensions. The company has got an approximate 120 users of the old IP telephony system. In this regard three Cisco catalyst switch (POE) 48 ports will be needed. Such a switch cost $893.93 each. Three EnGenius EGS7252FP switches will be interconnected with trunk ports along each other supporting 144 VOIPS extensions in the network. (amazon, 2015)
Furthermore, 120 Cisco SPA 502G
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The initial cost for phone, system equipment, networking equipment and IP handsets is approximately $30,000. This is a direct purchase and will be incurred as a one-time cost. Similarly, the licenses provided by Cisco are one-time costs and provide voicemail services, unified messaging services, SIP trunk access and endpoint access for physical telephone handsets as well as soft phone clients. The cost to purchase these licenses comes to approximately $18,000 and will be incurred later in the phase of development. (voiplink, 2015)
Additionally, during the first phase of the project there will be costs associated with consulting, installation and training. These costs are a bit more flexible than the hardware and licensing costs, because the amount of training provided to end-users is up to the company to decide. A reasonable estimate for initial training is $12,000 with a 10% recurring cost each year.

Consulting and installation fees are being calculated at $10,000 with a 10% recurring annual cost for additional consulting. The largest recurring cost will be for SIP trunk services, to provide telephone access for calls outside the organization. The annual cost for 120 SIP trunks is approximately $35,000 but future analysis may dictate a reduction in the number of trunks required. Since this potential reduction in SIP services cannot be accurately calculated at this time, the recurring annual cost is being estimated for the full amount of $35,000. This
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