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Internet Research Use Internet research from at least two articles to explain the extent to which you believe globalization will change the field of security in the future Globalization is making the security situation much more volatile in the future. This is because advancements in technology have made communication easier. For most countries, this means that they have access to news and other information quickly. The problem is that some people could do things that will insight others and engage in activities to create unrest. (Yudhoyono, 2012) A good example of this can be seen with the anti-Islamic film that depicted the Profit Mohammed as a child molester. In America, these kinds of movies are protected by the Constitution. However, in Muslim countries this creates negative animosities and sentiments. When this happens, the security situation will deteriorate. (Yudhoyono, 2012) In Indonesia this outraged a large number of Muslims who believed that this was another attempt by the West to impose their values on them. This led to many people lashing out in protest against the film and anything Western. These issues are showing how the security situation will become more volatile in the future. It is at this point that something small (such as a movie) could become a major incident in different regions of the world. (Yudhoyono, 2012) Evidence of this can be seen with Yudhoyono (2012) saying, "The end of the Cold War did not make the world more secure, peaceful
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