Internet Security And Its Effects On The Internet

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Internet Security Due to the nature of the Internet, an open network with the ability to share information it is inherently vulnerable to an attack. There are many forms of damaging attacks on the internet; however Internet Security is a means of preventing these attacks on internet users. It is particularly important for business to have this security implemented to prevent damages to a company, financially and by upholding their reputation. Internet security is the protection of information through the preservation of three widely accepted core goals. The three goals of information security are (i) confidentiality, (ii) integrity and (iii) availability (OIT Communications Group 2014). (i) Confidentiality This allows information and personal data only to be accessed by users that are authorised and prevents access to sensitive data by any unauthorised access (Australian Standards 2001). (ii) Integrity Guarantees the accuracy and preservation of information, meaning data has not been altered through unauthorised access or that the data received is not from an imposter (Australian Standards 2001). (iii) Availability Availability refers to ensuring the availability of information resources in the form of assets, data and information to all authorised users when required (Australian Standards 2001). Businesses and organisations should aim to achieve these three goals to protect their valuable business assets. They can be achieved by implementing controls through the
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