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Internet Security The Internet is an amazing and intimidating place.It can help make your dreams come true and it can manifest your worst nightmares.It is a global phenomenon and encompasses all aspects of modern day life from shopping to communicating off world.We use it as readily as the telephone or the car.In the click of a mouse you can order a shirt from a clothing store, buy a book and have it delivered to your door or book a vacation.This colossal convenience comes with an equally impressive responsibility.The potential for crime is directly proportional to this speed and convenience.Modern day muggers use the Internet to make off with your money and be long gone before you even know that anything is wrong.The only good thing…show more content…
Internet cookies: small packets of information that the receiving computer requests from your computer.In general it may contain information about your computer system, software that in installed on your computer, your name, address, postal code and even your phone number.It may also contain credit card numbers, expiration dates, passwords, your e-mail address and any other specific information that you allow it to have. Firewalls: a program that limits or denies the exchange of information to or from your computer.Parameters are set by the user which control the amount of access that is allowed to you computer as well as the type and amount of information that is allowed out from your computer. Encryption software: software that scrambles the information on your computer and is keyed to a certain word or phrase.The information is still there but it is no longer readable.In order to read the information you must enter the password to unencrypt the information. Section 2 – Researched Information Cookies: According to an article on by Viktor Mayer-Schönberger entitled The Cookie Concept cookies are packets of information that are generated by the web site that you visit and are stored on your computer.This information is used the next time you access that web site to make the initial contact faster and allows you to retrieve information that you have

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