Internet Security Metrics

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Security Metrics As the Internet becomes ubiquitous due to wireless technologies including 3G and pervasive Wi-Fi Hotspots, there is the need to continually improve security technologies. One of the most effective approaches to doing this is to define a series of metrics for measuring security levels attained (Idika, Bhargava, 2012). The following is a listing of security metrics and their definitions: In the area of Incident Management the following metrics apply: Mean Cost per Incident This the average cost per security incident from a dollars and time perspective. The cost per incident is often measured in terms of opportunity cost of how the time could have been invested in other tasks instead of solving the security incident (Shari, 2009). Mean-Time Between Security Incidents This is the aggregated measurement of how much time elapses between security incidents over a given time period. The mean-time between security incidents is often measured in monthly increments and charted to compare the impact of security strategies over time (Wang, Guo, Wang, Zhou, 2012). Number of Incidents a very fundamental measure of security that all security platforms, even those available for free via vendors' websites, report. This is the baseline of many security programs and measurement platforms today. This figure is often tracked over years to determine how well investment sin security pay off over time as well. In the area of Vulnerability Management the following are the
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