Internet Security and Ethical Uses of Technology in The Classroom

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Internet security and ethical use of technology in the classroom is vital to a student’s academic success. Internet security ensures that the technologies used in the classroom stay operationally problem free as well as keeps students safe from internet predators. Ethical guidelines ensure proper appropriate use of technology that does not violate school rules or laws put in place by the federal and state governments. There are several reasons why internet security is vital to the classroom. The most important reason is to maintain a fully functional operational system free of problems like slow running computer programs and hard drive damage caused by computer program viruses. Students often unknowingly download these…show more content…
The best feature that I find on the antivirus program is the ability to set the computer downloading controls in a way that will block specific sites and keep my students off of harmful internet spaces that are commonly known as hot spots for un-ethical means of use. Unfortunately internet predators are finding new ways to reach our children through utilizing popular file sharing peer-to-peer networks purposely and maliciously exposing them to un-ethical information daily. A great example of this malicious intent is pointed out by an organization called Stop Child Predators (2010) written in their news article stating,
“Peer-to-peer applications can be used as vehicles for the distribution of illegal child pornography that is often deliberately labeled with seemingly benign titles that appeal to children. As a result, when a child searches for popular terms like “Hannah Montana” on a file-sharing service, that child runs the risk of being exposed to child pornography.” Since there is no way to predict un-ethical malicious downloads, I would not allow my students to do any sort of downloading in the classroom. They will be limited to websites that I have pre-installed and downloaded on the computers desktop in a separate file entitled Teacher Approved Websites. This is not a 100% guarantee that students will not be exposed to un-ethical information but it is the reliable plan of
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