Internet Security and an Invasion of Privacy

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Monitoring: Violations of the Hacker’s Fundamental Right against Unreasonable Searches and Seizures The advent of technology marks the beginning of the digital era. It is an era which created a whole new world called the World Wide Web (WWW) whereas the people therein are called “netizens”. With the proliferation of the internet usage across the world, netizens are able to meet other netizens from the other side of the world, to share their thoughts, pictures, and videos, and to interact through online workplace platforms, games, mails, and many more. It has created wide-range of opportunities for people to be informed, to be discovered, and to get jobs that further create jobs. Furthermore, it has introduced new jargons to our vocabulary that netizens up to these days still misunderstood since they keep on using them in statements in a different context for which it is intended save for the technical professionals with Computer Science or Information Technology background. Hence, with the fast paced development of the WWW and its boundless possibilities, netizens have learned the hard way on how to enjoy the features of the Web without compromising their privacy. Currently, the worst fear of the netizens is being “hacked”. What the general netizens understand about it is that it is a breach of their internet security and an invasion of their privacy. For the more technically-savvy users, hacking is a way to get access to application software and games that require
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