Internet Service Provider Essay

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In today’s world, the internet service provider (which also known as ISP) market is characterized by a big diversity of offered services and business connections where it differs from the traditional telecommunications market. The diversity of Internet Service Provider market interactions and services is reflected by the companies that involved (ranging from niche market ISPs to global players). In this project, we evaluate the Internet service market and also the different types of ISPs that exist. We also identify the subset of Internet Service Provider (ISP). The term of Internet Service Provider (ISP), is commonly found in literature with a lots of different definition. A common recognition of the Internet Service Provider by Norton…show more content…
Up to year 2004, there are seven ISPs within Malaysia offering both dial-up and broadband connectivity and in year 2002, it was estimated more to 7.8 million Malaysian Internet Users. CHAPTER 2: THEORETICAL BACKGROUND Telenet is the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) that is broadly used, which was the first commercial version of ARPANET (introduced in 1974). The first Internet Service Provider (ISP) for the Internet we use in today’s life is considered to be “The World” which served customers in the years of 1989 [1]. It is essential to know the relationship between a company with services and the purpose of functions and role. A company is actually an association that takes one or multiples roles. Role means a group of functions that gives a set related services to consumer (refer to figure 2.1). Functions is divided into two which are the internal functions which do not affect the consumer and the external functions (services) that provided to the consumers. Figure 2.1 General Role Model Internet Service Provider (ISP) is a company that give services for using, accessing or participating in the internet whose core business consists of at least one ISP roles (refer to figure 2.2)[2]. Likewise, an Information Service Provider can be clarified as a company whose central business consists of one or more of information provider roles (refer to figure 2.2). Information Service Provider roles provide services that give different type
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