Internet Staffing methods versus Traditional Staffing Methods

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Internet Staffing methods versus Traditional Staffing Methods
Quatonya Collins Keller Graduate School of Management
Professor Frye
18 April 2013

Introduction: In light of the drawbacks of traditional methods and ever-increasing reward of innovative technology this intends to wrap up that the use of internet staffing has now become essential in the aggressive environment of organizational behavior for the market. Social media recruitment assists an employer to yield more candidates for vacant positions within an organization. The benefit of implementing the internet as a staffing mechanism has an astonishing influence on the broadened field of information which includes the selection of
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The benefit of utilizing social media recruitment is the leverage that this mechanism has over traditional methods of recruitment. The problem with utilizing social media recruitment is that the gathering of candidates from Face books other sites may offer a long list of potential candidates which might prove time consuming. The benefit is the younger demographic will offer a fresh and innovative perspective for a company however; the potential problem is the accusation of ageism might deter experienced candidates as they lack the social knowledge of these sites. While, social media recruitment has the ability to lack the quality of potential candidates due to referrals made through LinkedIn as the candidates’ friends/business associates the overall benefit is that a good employee might yield through the contact. The challenge of traditional methods of recruitment is the vetting and screening process is time consuming. The problem with the traditional method of recruitment includes the time spent on each applicant’s personal qualities versus allowing the internet to sort it out. Overall due to the time, cost, retention, and quality the traditional staffing methods have lessened favor for granting and utilizing web-based solutions to find the primary source for higher-quality candidates. Social media allows both companies and candidates a way to conduct research, market themselves, and create a

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