Internet Technologies and Business Essay

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The application of Internet technologies has been a growing trend in the business world for nearly a decade. More and more companies are realizing the benefits of using the web. Web use has morphed from information exchange only to enhancements for collaboration, customer service and customization. These applications now lead to increasing profits; cutting costs, minimizing production, and customer satisfaction in all areas of the manufacturing process. Companies such as Mattel, BMW, and TaylorMade have adopted ways of fine-tuning their strategies to keep up with this growing trend. This was accomplished by focusing on several key aspects in each of their respective markets. ƒÓMattel has adapted its production
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Now with the introduction of e-commerce, it has increased the development of material handling systems. Newly designed planning, automated staging systems and manufacturing software has made the ordering process itself easier by being sent directly to the plant where they are produced. BMW calls this process ¡§customer oriented sales and production¡¨. Their newly developed software system provides real-time information of the entire manufacturing process. ƒ´ This means now that customers can make option changes six days before final production starts on the car. BMW also implemented an automated storage and retrieval system or stacker as they have termed it. This system makes a delayed option change requested by the customer if possible.
Being able to manage the flow of information from the ordering process to the manufacturing process has also been a huge success of the system. The ability to keep track of resources necessary for the production of a car and the wants and needs of the customer is a problem for most companies involved in product manufacturing. BMW has also allowed its resource suppliers into the production loop. They changed their information systems both internally and to their suppliers. The data is sent from individual customer orders directly to the suppliers daily. This provides accurate information on the needs of the company, and in turn
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