Internet Technology, Marketing, and Security: Lockheed Martin Corp Hacking

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Lockheed Martin Corp (LMT) hacking The Lockheed Martin Corp is a fir that deals with aerospace and security issues and is mainly engaged in research work, designing, manufacturing, development as well as integration of advanced technology systems, services as well as products. The major portion of the clients of this corporation is the U.S. Department of defense as well as the federal government agencies. The other section of the clients is the international governments as well as the commercial sale of their products (Lockheed Martin Corporation, 2012a). This is a renowned USA government information technology service provider that was a victim to the now very regular hacking schemes and for them it was on the database that the management classified the attack as "significant and tenacious" (Daily Tech, 2011). This attack focused on Gaithersburg, Maryland center that is situated near the Bethseda headquarters of the company. The hacking involved theft of customer details that was eventually used to fiddle with the WoW accounts. The hackers were aware of and took advantage of the Virtual Private Network (VPN) access system that enables the clients to remotely log into the system through the use of their RSA SecurID hardware tokens. The hackers are suspected to have acquired the seeds-factory-encoded random keys that were used by the Lockheed's SecurID hardware fobs, they also had in their possession the serial numbers as well as the algorithm that are used to secure

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