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Internet Security Holes and Cyberterrorism Abstract: This paper investigates and substantiates the potential for hackers to cause damage in the physical world. A fictional case study is provided along with an analysis of past, present, and future technological threats. The combination of a historic apathy towards computer security and an increased reliance on technology may soon lead to a real-world "cybercatastrophe". I first learned about computer hacking from an article featured in the New York Times magazine several years ago. It described the life of members of a hacking group known as L0pht. They were neither benign nor malicious; they would simply look for holes in software products and post the results on the…show more content…
On the anniversary of the release of Windows 2004, a terrorist hacking group known as Horizon launched a full-scale assault on the city of Seattle. At exactly 6:30 P.M., the height of rush hour, chaos was unleashed on the city. In many instances, disaster could not be avoided simply because no physical system was in place to alleviate computer malfunction. Horizon successfully altered the destinations of several trains, causing them to collide, killing hundreds in the process. Brake systems on new-model cars were triggered, causing multi-car accidents on major highways. Automated devices in hospitals ceased working altogether, leaving many patients without critical life support. As a final touch, Horizon diverted several airplanes to the corporate headquarters of Microsoft in nearby Redmond, Washington, burning the complex to the ground with a multitude of personnel still inside. Rescue efforts were initiated immediately, but the severity of the attacks left the dead numbering in the thousands. Over the course of the next few weeks, Microsoft employees were able to recreate the crime and track down the flaw. In the meantime, fears of a second attack crippled life across America. Public transportation, airports, and most anything that relied on Microsoft-run

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