Internet Trespassing: Bidder's Edge Case Analysis

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1.What did Bidder's Edge do that was different than eBay's normal customers? Why does it matter to EBay? Before the friend starts her own version of a site that automatically searches other websites for user's, she needs to review the case law carefully. Bidder's edge was visiting sites such as eBay for the purpose of comparison shopping. eBay's customers were coming there for the purpose of shopping. eBay is a web-site devoted to e-commerce. Normally eBay's customers can and usually do buy anything that is sold on the eBay auction site. Of course, they can also perform searches, which is provided for on eBay web-site. Bidder's Edge performed automated search processes on eBay and other e-commercial web-site. Thus Bidder's Edge made a nonstandard access to eBay's site that the eBay company did not want. They were afraid of overloading their server if many other companies did the same that Bidder's Edge did. They were also afraid of loosing business. Further, besides the trespass issue, this was an express violation of eBay's user agreement that all users consent to before they are allowed access to the eBay site. Because eBay saw this as a threat to any possible competitive advantage which their sellers of products could establish through the use of the online marketplace. It could severely reduce any given seller's bargaining power and thus make eBay unpopular with those sellers as the marketplace of choice. Certainly, if Bidder's Edge practice were to become too

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