Internet Usage Addiction

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The internet serves several billion people worldwide and has become the most preferred mode of communication between people from different parts of the world. This has led to it rampant usage and as much as it has noticeable benefits, its limitations cannot be overlooked either. Internet addiction in teenagers or to say adolescents has been estimated to be 12% in China, 19.4% in Korea and 8% in Greece approximately (Lin).

To start with, usage of the internet leads to addiction. While the time spend in the internet might be highly productive, compelling use of the internet can ultimately interfere with your work, the daily life, and a larger extent interfere with relationships. It leads to a disorder commonly known as Internet Addiction Disorder (IAD). It is commonly referred to internet overuse, which leads to, interference of daily normal life. This disorder has undergone several researches and valid data have been received supporting it. IAD covers a wide variety of impulse-control problems including the following (Walton);

• Cybersex addiction: This refers to uncontrollable use of the internet pornography, Adult sex chat rooms, or the fantasy role-play sites that will, therefore, affect real life intimate relationships.

• Information over-load: Irresistible internet usage for instance database searching, or web…
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