Internet Vs Internet Essay

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Never before has a generation grown up in a world where the way that we read, write and consume information has changed so much so quickly. Today an average ‘millennial' reads more than any generation of adolescents before (citation badly needed, but I am pretty sure this is accurate). However, there is a big difference that warrants mentioning, in that we are not primarily reading novels, newspapers or even textbooks. Most of us are doing the vast majority of our reading online. Whether it be: Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Snapchat, or other platforms that cater to whatever our individual interests or hobbies are. Today you would be hard pressed to find a young adult who is not checking in on five or more websites or apps daily. That is thousands and thousands of words read a day for most and hundreds written for many. Now sure, few of those thousands of words make you think the same way reading a James Joyce novel would or educate you the same as if you were reading a detailed history of the Civil War, but they are reading nevertheless.

In my life, I have gone from reading “learn to read” books, to picture books, to children’s novels, to young adult novels, to scholarly reading and research, to adult novels, and finally to the wild wild west of the internet. When I was in those first few stages nobody was reading everything on the internet, but before I knew it, the internet and social media along with it had exploded faster than I could have ever imagined. By the time I
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