Internet advertisement has its own uniqueness. The main thing about it is how it displays the

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Internet advertisement has its own uniqueness. The main thing about it is how it displays the advertising. It has more quality when compare with other printed media. It is because internet advertisements create content similar to the thoughts of human minds to influence consumers. Uniqueness about internet advertisement is that user’s cannot avoid it because it automatically appears on web page. They don’t need to browse or search for an ad it is very important to study the consumers’ attitude towards online marketing. Advertisement content is a very important factor to create positive or negative attitudes towards online advertising. (Ng Ka Po, 2006) Online Advertising is a gift for marketers. They can send online commercials and read the…show more content…
Some people also call it word of mouse communication through internet. Viral marketing also includes referral marketing, organic marketing and network marketing. Viral message spreads between people when the first person who like he ad and shares with others. In the similar way when others like the ad they share with their friends and family. In this way the viral message gets famous and popular within short time. (Wilson, 2000) In the past, mostly viral messages were generated y accident. Viral messages got so success that markets started designing it. Some people think that viral message and advertising are done only through email. But the truth is that we can see viral advertisements not only on email but on blogs and social network websites also in the form of text messages, short clips and graphics. (Banna, 2000) Viral objects can also be known as those things that target users and pass by them. It is kind of a blinding strength because it spread blindingly all over the internet or social media. It can also use the mobile phone as a platform to target consumers. Viral objects are platform through which viral messages are spread like websites, blogs and social media. When viral message spreads on these platforms we can also easily calculate them. The term word of mouse is not an accurate word for viral marketing because these kind of messages to not use electronic or
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