Internet and Children

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Nowadays, in the world in which we live, violence is reported everywhere. It makes parents became worried. So, they try to protect their children from the adverse impacts in society. But although society has taught us that violence is not accepted, in the essay “Violent Media is Good for Kids,” Gerard Jones tries to convince people, especially the kids’ parents, that violent media is good or furthermore, it is essential for the development of children. He uses his own childhood as an example of how media or The Hulk helped him switch to “more sophisticated heroes” (Jones 195), and “finally found my own lead along a twisting path to a career and an identity” (Jones 196). Afterwards, his son was afraid to climb a tree, so Jones read the…show more content…
Parents always loves their children, so Jones uses the phrase “when we tries to protect our children” to let the parents know that he sympathized with their concerns. But then he says: “we shelter them not against violence but against power and selfhood.” The word “shelter” means to protect from something harmful. He emphasizes that the harmful thing is not violence but it is harmful to children losing their power and selfhood. However, some children might take the message of the stories the wrong way, putting themselves too deep into a story. They may hurt themselves or the others because they thought that they were strong like their favorite hero. As increasing violence in the media would be certainly dangerous for society and corrupt a child's thoughts and imagination through blood, knives and guns, those were called “a tool to master their rage” (Jones 196). “I'm not going to argue that violent entertainment is harmless. I think it has helped inspire some people to real-life violence. I am going to argue that it's helped hundreds of people for everyone it's hurt, and that it can help far more if we learn to use it well.” (Jones 197) .Jones admits that violent media isn't harmless and that it does drag some children to doing real life violence, but he does not say specifically what should be done about this issue. He goes on to say that
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