Internet and Information Paper

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Internet and Information Paper
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Wendell Smith
July 20, 2012

Internet and Information Paper
It’s good to hear from you. You’re right to be fascinated about the internet; it can be a great tool. I use the internet nearly every day it’s like having a dictionary, thesaurus, almanac, encyclopedia, and library all rolled into one and open 24 hours a day 7 days a week. The internet is a great tool however finding the information you’re looking for is like finding a needle in a stack of paperclips, lots of information that’s similar but not quite what you’re looking for it. The most common tool we use to
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The digital divide is a term used for to describe the growing distance between those with access to information and those who don’t have the access. We would be a perfect example of the digital divide. What makes us a perfect example would be your lack of access to the internet and electronic devices like smartphone, computers, and the internet and how I have access to all of that information at the touch of my fingers. One aspect of the digital divide is the speed in which people can access information. The difference between high speed internet and dialup can have a major impact on staying informed. One way we are trying to bridge the digital divided is by trying to increase access to the internet. Organizations like the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation have been leading advocates of provided the public access to the internet with networked computers in libraries since 1997. Some would say we are succeeding at least in the United States now that nearly 99 percent of public libraries have internet access available to the public. Now we are working on expanding the number of computers in those libraries. With the increasing use of smartphones the digital divide between different white Americans and African Americans shrunk greatly. Globally we face a harder time closing the gap since the digital divide closely follows behind the economic divide. As the
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