Internet of Things

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Internet of Things

Over the last decade Internet has made significant impact in our economies and societies by bringing in remarkable communication and networking infrastructure. The world-wide web has been a major driver of global information and media sharing. From Desktop networking Internet is continuing to become more pervasive, with the advent of low cost wireless broadband connectivity, by connecting to new embedded devices and handhelds. In continuation with this trend, it is poised to emerge as an “Internet of Things” where the web will provide a medium for physical world objects to participate in interaction. This way the digital information technology can integrate the physical world to the online world to provide a common
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Low power and energy-neutral devices - The energy required to operate the intelligent devices will be dramatically decreased. The search for a zero level of entropy where the device or system will have to harvest its own energy. In addition to relativel established solar cells, there are success stories such as vibration energy harvesting (perpetuum), powering from RF beams (Powercast), energy from shakes (Sandia national Laboratories) and many attempts by exploiting wind, thermal, strain etc. From energy storage perspective thin film batteries (Cymbet) , thin film micro energy cells (Infinite Power Solutions).

Handling High Volume and high bandwidth data - Just to give some numbers, business forecasts indicate that in the year 2015 more than 220 Exabaytes of data will be stored. As current network are ill-suited for this exponential traffic growth, there is a need by all the actors to re-think current networking and storage architectures. It will be imperative to find novel ways and mechanisms to find, fetch, and transmit data. Autonomic management - The ever growing complexity of systems will be unmanageable, and will hamper the creation of new services and applications, unless the systems will show self-* properties, such as self-management, selfhealing and self-configuration


The development of the Internet of Things would critically depend on progress in machine-to-machine interfaces and
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