Internet's Shaping of Society

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The coming of the 21st century has seen the creation of technology that humans in the past would have never imagined was possible.One of these innovations that changed our style of life was the creation of the internet.With the internet humans had a new interface with which to interact with one another and communicate their experiences and feelings across the world. As a results many of these interactions morphed into something new.This metamorphosis in human interactions is the basis of social change as defined by the webster dictionary. The internet has reshaped society through making it easier to relate with others,opening new ways to inspire others,changing certain held concepts to a community consensus and how easy it makes others to influence us.

First,the internet has caused us to change socially through the enhanced ability to relate to other’s experiences. In Appiah’ essay he mentions that the internet gives us the power to communicate with people all over the globe(68).And as a result of this power every human being has the responsibility to take care of and protect the people who are less fortunate than them(69). This communication toward others that Appiah mentions is key to understanding how the internet causes social change. In the past without internet it was easy for people to ignore atrocities that took place away from
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