Interning At Vcc : The Gary Center Essay

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I am interning at VCC: The Gary Center in La Habra. I currently intern Wednesdays and Fridays for five hours each day. On Wednesdays, I am in the upstairs office all five hours working in the front office. Currently VCC: The Gary Center is going through the process of moving to another location. After merging with Vista Community Center in March 2016, our agency has expanded and moving our services to a bigger location. This whole process has brought disorder into the agency and high levels of stress. As an intern walking into a changing agency is was pretty easy to learn the new rules. My supervisor Ana Palafox, provides me with different tasks every Wednesday. I cover for the other receptionists Viri and Ailene, when they are on lunch or taking a break. One of the main tasks I was given was to help clients with their Medical applications. Many clients do not know how to apply, what they need, or where to go. Whenever an interested client calls in for information about Medical, I make an appointment for them to come in. I have had several interested clients, but in the end they change their mind or don’t come in. However, for the few clients I have helped it really has been a great experience. At first I was quite nervous and scared, because my parents take care of my medical papers and health insurance and I didn’t know anything about Medical. Yet, with the help of my supervisor I was able to ask her questions and express my hesitations. When I met with my first client I

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