Internship Assessment: Counselor of Domestic and Substance Abuse Victims

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Internship Assessment Internship Assessment My internship as a counselor of domestic and substance abuse was challenging and practical. I came into contact with domestic violence defendants, substance abuse defendants, as well as DUI first & second time offenders. These are people who have problems with impulse control, some emotional instability, and people who need to reevaluate how they make their choices. Having an internship in this environment and with these populations helped me realized what natural skills I have in the area of counseling and in which areas I need to improve as I continue my education and career. The experience I had in my internship solidified my interest in pursuing a career in counseling. This internship provided me with very practical insight and experiences into the work life of a counselor with these kinds of populations. I have a much clearer idea of what kind of demands would be upon me professionally and personally. My internship experience ultimately put me in a better position from which to decide in which direction my career path will go. I have a natural ability to connect with the people to whom I provide services. I am a strong and active listener. I have an innate and fairly accurate sense of character. These traits help me assess the clients during intake and during treatment. What I lack is a theoretical background and approach in my work. I need to become more literate in the theoretical branches of counseling, with

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