Internship Assignment : Internship For Deaf Education Teachers

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Assignment 1, due on September 6th, requires the DHH intern to submit a one-page summary including due dates of all the assignments required by the course, EDSP 5093: Internship for Deaf Education Teachers Part 1 (Fall 2016). The intern is also required to ask clarifying questions about Assignment 1 (or simply indicate “I have no questions,” otherwise) and to develop an assignment calendar, which will be completed and due with the internship summary at the end of the Fall Semester. Assignment 2, due on September 13th, requires the intern to review the A&E Assignment (Assignment 12) and write a one-page summary of it, including the descriptions of all UKAT forms and dates on when to complete them based on the calendar of the intern. The intern is also required to ask questions about the assignment and to include to submit the calendar for completing the UKAT forms. The A&E Assignment is the major project of the course, the first part of the Comprehensive Project in the master’s program, and is required by the Dean. Due on September 19th, Assignment 3 requires the intern to submit a written summary of both the morning and the afternoon sessions of September 17th TETN. Non-scholars are to write a written summary about Chapter 1: Language Development and the Goals of Language Instruction, pages 2-44 of Languages Literacy Development in Children Who Are Deaf (2nd ed.), by Barbara R. Schirmer (three- to four-page, double-spaced, and APA-formatted). Assignment 4, which is due on
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