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Throughout college, many students may have to complete a practicum in order to receive an educational degree. A practicum is a real-life learning experience obtained through working on-site in a health care facility while enrolled as a student (Makely, 2013). Educational programs use different terms for the practicum experience, such as clinicals, externships, internships, hands-on experience, and so forth, but these terms basically mean the same thing (Makely, 2013). Enrolled as a Health Care Management student at Metropolitan State University of Denver, one of the requirements is to complete a 150 hour internship that is related to health care management. The internship is an opportunity to apply knowledge and skills that I have acquired during the classroom and the online portion of my training, in an actual health care setting while I am still a student (Makely, 2013). It is essential to plan for an internship because your internship is much more than just another assignment, it is probably the most important part of your education (Makely, 2013). Enrolled as an out of state student, I do not have the resources available that in-state students have. I am on my own on finding and internship and in order to succeed, I have created an internship plan. The first element of my internship plan, is determining which type of health care organization, I would be interested in completing the 150 hours of experience. Appropriate health care organizations to complete the

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