Internship Evaluation Of The Fx

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Angel Chang Wei
Internship Evaluation

Caxton FX is a UK-based foreign exchange company in London. The company’s objective is to put a Caxton card in every wallet and to facilitate corporate money transfer on behalf of its private and corporate clients. It’s a young and fast growing company which has grown from only one employee in 2004 to 120 employees in 2015. The turnover has grown from 750 million in 2013 to 1 billion in 2015. The company has zero debt and an AAA credit rating. The division which I have been assigned to is the corporate sales team, which has 30 people in 4 departments: lead generators, business development managers, senior sales managers and account managers. The board exploits market opportunities and develops new
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With the information, the team gains a better understanding of the market and targets potential clients more precisely, which enhances working efficiency.
The corporate sales team has a morning brief meeting every morning at 9 o’clock. In the meeting, one colleague summarizes the latest news, the main currency exchanges rates, and the major fluctuation in the foreign exchange market. Then, we have discussions on the impacts on the market in regard to the morning brief news. Next, one other colleague would proceed to give a notice with the major events that are going to happen on that day. He will also point out the possible effects on the foreign currency exchange rate. For example, he would speak of the meeting of the European Central Bank, the inflation figures in the UK and the US, the change of the interest rate in China, and so forth. Then the head of the corporate sales team will set daily goals with everyone in the junior sales team regarding the number of phone calls and trades they need to make. The morning meeting benefits everyone in the sales team to gain the ability to analyse the financial market better. It teaches me to integrate academic knowledge with daily news.
The core class introduces the advantage of privatization in encouraging competition. Individual companies have to make profitable plans such as devolving management and decreasing costs, which in turn leads to greater efficiency and larger
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