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Health Care Management Internship Experience
Labovitz School of Business and Economics
University of Minnesota Duluth

Description of the Program
The purpose of the internship program is to provide juniors and seniors with an opportunity to enhance and apply what they learn in their academic program while working in a health service organization. Students are pursuing a degree in business administration and are majoring in health care management. Those that enroll in the Labovitz School of Business and Economics (LSBE) Health Care Management Internship Program will need to accumulate a minimum of 200 hours of work experience over the course of an academic semester or during the summer. The intent of the program is to provide relevant
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The LSBE Internship Office will provide evaluation forms; or you may want to use your organization’s standard appraisal form to assess the intern’s performance and provide feedback. 5. Provide liability coverage for student intern. The University of Minnesota Duluth Worker’s Compensation and Liability coverage does not extend to student interns. Employers may be concerned about injuries to students on-the-job or problems that could arise due to student inexperience. We recommend that concerns of this nature be addressed to your legal counsel. Your existing worker’s compensation covers paid employees and could possibly be extended to volunteers for a nominal fee if this work arrangement is established. 6. Abide by the University of Minnesota employment policies regarding the treatment of employees, including prevention of sexual harassment in the work place. Detailed descriptions of these policies can be found in the UMD Employer Handbook. 7. Contact Jennifer Schultz, Director of the Health Care Management Program, at 218-726-6695 should problems arise.

Mentor/Supervisor: 1. Serve as a model, coach, mentor, and tutor to the student. 2. Assist the student in identification of learning outcomes and activities to achieve them. 3. Assign the student specific and significant duties and projects that contribute to the student’s
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