Internship Final Paper : Internship

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Internships are extraordinary opportunities to learn and grow. Internships are mostly designed to expand the depth and the breadth of the academic learning in the particular areas of the study. Internship is an opportunity to receive experience in applying all formulas, methods, theories in the classroom to specific experiences in the real world and to see how it actually works.
I had set some goals for my internship- to earn experience from it, to earn 3 credits from it, to learn to work in the team, to gain confidence, and gain valuable understanding of the accounting field and will be able to better grasp the things how my coursework is preparing me to enter my chosen career and to strengthen my CV.
An internship can also heighten the awareness of community issues, motivates to create opportunities, embrace new ideas, and give direction to positive change. A successful internship can provide valuable information in making decisions about the direction of future studies or employment. An internship is an opportunity to not only use and develop industry-related knowledge and skills, but also to enhance some of the skills that are transferable to any professional work setting. For some people, the internship is the first introduction to the world of work. No matter where the skills and understanding of professionalism lie, internship is a chance to develop them even further.
My internship at McKlein Company, Chicago as an Accounts Executive has…
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