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Final Report on Internship Program American University of Beirut A Comparison of Two Approaches of Handling Contacts in Rigid Multibody Dynamics Abstract This paper is based on my work completed during an eight-week internship at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. My work was to contribute to a research program aimed at using new software that handles contacts in rigid multibody dynamics much faster than the traditional dynamic simulation software used. This new approach seems to be promising and the long run goals of this research program is to be able to simulate very complex models…show more content…
Each ball is in contact with each other and a coulomb friction exists among them This model will be simulated both in ADAMS and Chrono::Engine. The purpose behind this comparison is to find out how fast Chrono::Engine handles contacts. Accuracy of results is a criterion that will not be regarded in this paper. The model is simulated for 3 seconds. All the balls end up falling into the container box, entering a series of collision courses. Model investigation Here we will proceed with an investigation of the parts that this model comprises, namely the balls and the rigid container box. A. Single Ball Dimensions • Weight: 0.882 kg • Diameter: 6.0 cm Contacts • Amongst each other: Impact type, with 105 N/mm of stiffness • With the container box: Impact type, with 105 N/mm of stiffness The balls are randomly positioned on top of the box, with no initial condition implied. When the simulation begins, under the effect of gravity, they all end up falling into the box. During this process, they all go through collision courses with each other and with the container box. Note: The material type of the balls is steel B. The Container Box [pic] Dimensions: • Depth: 400mm • Width: 450mm • Length: 330mm Note: The depth, width and length are along

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