Internship Final Reflection And Log

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Internship Final Reflection and Log
New Understandings Not surprisingly, this semester’s internship has posed the most obstacles and challenges but coupled with many new understandings, it has been my most productive. The end of any school year is busy and adding 45 additional hours of responsibility poses an arduous mission. In reflecting on my understandings, I realized that my internship experience could be compared to McTighe’s Understanding by Design concept. Ultimately, the goal of the internship experiences was to able to apply the knowledge and skills acquired during the semester, combined with that of past semesters, and demonstrate who I am as a professional teacher leader. It would be easy to become jealous and jaded in comparing my internship experience to that of a candidate seeking a master’s degree in administration. My school system seems to place a loftier recognition of that area over others such as curriculum and instruction. I believe this is because most people recognize the role of leadership in administrative positions more readily than they acknowledge in other programs seeking higher degrees.
However, the internship is perceived by anyone, that does not lessen the importance of not only exhibiting exemplary leadership, it beckons it. I found this to be especially true in my experiences mentoring, particularly the two occasions of mentoring colleagues who were not new to teaching but new to the experiences they found themselves in that needed

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