Internship In Nepal Essay

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An internship is a position that offers hands on practical experience."Internship program is one of the ways of putting our theoretical knowledge into the practical work place, which is being the important roadmap for the students before entering into any jobs.” The delegation of internship program has always been prioritized by the Tribhuvan University (TU). Internship is very helpful to students to apply theory and skills learnt in College for personal development. Internship is also helpful to realize the real world before making any commitment, outline the specific career, work environment and work to be handled.
Intern choose Intertours Nepal for internship, as are specialization in Travel, Tour and Treks in Tourism sectors. Our enthusiasm
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In Nepal also; growth of tourism is a great source of foreign currency income. It has played a vital role in strengthening the economic condition of the nation. Difficulties may arise in tourism development due to the lack of finance and infrastructure development and other facilities. The development of tourism also depends on the various social and cultural attributes. Being very rich in natural and cultural resources, Nepal could be the world's most popular tourist destination through which it can gain its hold on poverty alleviation generating various job opportunities, which can bring changes in economic, cultural, educational and social sector of the country. Most of the tourists come to Nepal for holiday pleasure followed by trekking and mountaineering and so on. There are so many possibilities of trekking and mountaineering in Nepal. Therefore, the policy makers need to make the plan and policies, in order to develop trekking and mountaineering business in an effective and systematic…show more content…
Travel agency is an axis of the tourism. The tourism is the result of the movement of the people from one place to another and travel agencies generate the movement. So the travel agency is the generator or a creator of the tourism. It plays a crucial role in the tourism as a brain in human body. Without travel agency tourism will have no joint effort, no planning, and no programming. Without travel agency a travel is possible but there may not be tourism. Agency create the trust, security, confident in the mind of the tourist then only tourist travel for pleasure or they are able to enjoy during the travel which is the basic principle of tourism. They “push” for the market and “pull” at destination. A travel agency main function is to make an arrangement for a people who want to travel. It works as a retailer basis that provides travel and tourism related services to the public. Agencies coordinate with all different service agents, hospitality industry and make a full package and sell to the people as per their wants. A travel agent is supposed to offer impartial travel advice to the customer, as well as coordinating travel details and assisting the customer in booking
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