Internship Interflection

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My end-of-internship impression of Menards has changed a lot over the duration of my time in many ways that the corporate office does actually care about its team member by offering a benefits package, offering team members on weeks adding an extra $2.50 to the hourly wage, whenever a national holiday comes around John Menards Jr. will send a letter with a card that offer you to buy something in the store for free or offers a check that can be used in the store, and every team member also can receive a 10% discount on any purchase with the store too. Another way that surprised me was if you hard work, your managers’ notice, and inform corporate office that you make receive a small pay increase. My opinion of the workplace knows I have realized that the strict with their policies and procedures, but honestly, they seem to be more of a guideline on what to follow, it is actually more of a laid back work environment but in a good that managers don’t micromanage. Some takeaways from my internship at Menard, is I have discovered that I have a hidden talent for sales that did not know about. An example of this they have been guest that have asked have you worked retail before because I was impressed with quality of service you just offered. I learned a lot about myself that I have more patients than I give myself credit for because they are days I am working with a guest that is beyond indecisive or just be straight up picky. I just patiently want for them to make a decision or
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