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After looking around at my internship, and searching organizations I decided to go with AMBSMedical Billing and Coding Company on 18 Woodhaven Dr. New City, New York (Rocklen County) and their contact number is (914) 643-7318. The interviewee’s position is a medical biller and coder, her name is Maritza Baez, she has working for AMBS billing and coding Company for 6 years. This organization receives medical Claims from Private Physician Practices that need to be processed, coded, and filed accurately which then will get sent to the third-party payment system which is health insurance companies that each individual patient has. . Since my Major is Medical Billing and Coding and my internship takes their coding outside their company I decided…show more content…
Since I am a going to be a recent graduate with very little experiences she advised me to get a few credentials from organization like AHIMA and how that can really put weight on my résumé and make me more noticeable. Maritza also stated that finding work at first is going to be very hard because many companies want Coders with at least 2 years of experience and that constantly doing many internships or finding a long-term internship is my best bet to gain the experience necessary. There are many places to work as a Biller and Coder and as said before many companies and practices take their Billing outside of “home” and into a professional Coding company, Maritza stated to get into a Coding Company, hospital or even insurance companies because they have coders that view it from the insurance’s perspective and check for accuracy, also law firms because there are always Billing frauds taking place. Maritza also stated after years of experience I can even make my own company and work from my home I think that was the best thing I heard out of the entire conversation. I then asked Maritza about any negatives parts of the career except for being terminated due to coding outside the company. Maritza stated it is not really negative but the healthcare industry often changes rules and regulations on
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