Internship Orientation And Preparation Process For Emj Construction

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Introduction: Over the past four months I have been working at EMJ Construction to attain my construction internship requirement. During my time with the company, I have gained a lot of knowledge regarding how the office side of a construction company works, as well as a little knowledge about how the field works. I have been able to grow some of my prior skills while attaining some altogether new skills as well. Throughout this report, the orientation and preparation, activities and experiences, application of technology, energy and environmental awareness (sustainable construction, communication skill enhancement, legal and ethical awareness, lessons learned, and the overall assessment and recommendations will be discussed. Each of these…show more content…
After settling in to my desk, I was given a stack of papers to fill out and sign, that went along with the papers that I had signed previously. I was also asked to watch some company videos that would explain the companies values, goals, and rules. Also I was taken to lunch with by the Construction Vice President, who was my supervisor I would be reporting to during my duration at the company. Activities and Experiences: There were many tasks performed while at this internship. The first task was learning how to do requests for information (RFIs) with the system that the company uses. When imputing the information into there are many different tabs and steps that you have to go trough. Once you input them into the system you then have to send them out to the appropriate people/company so that they can answer you request for information. Being able to learn the new system was easy since the past 3 years I have and to learn how to do things differently and adapt. The second task I preformed numerous times of the past four months was doing estimates. I did many takeoffs for many different buildings, and divisions while I was here at the company. The takeoffs that I preformed were challenging, but I was able to get them done because of the classes I have taken. Back at Texas A&M we have two semester long estimating classes that we are required to take, and in these classes we learn the basics of estimating. The basic principles that were
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