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Currently, my assistantship and other funds within the Department of Agricultural Communication will be exhausted after August 2016. My assistantship appointment was only renewable for up to two additional years (through the summer 2016 semester). Therefore, I would like to have this financial support to complete my dissertation for the fall of 2016. My dissertation topic explores the barriers associated with Extension reaching diverse clientele, an important area that has, sadly, been under-developed in this field. A qualitative research study was deemed appropriate to examine these barriers for Extension reaching diverse clientele. Using a qualitative research method will allow a deeper understanding of this population. With this process…show more content…
Over the years, my demonstration for service has been shown by serving in the United States Peace Corps in West Africa and within the Black Graduate Student Organization. During my Peace Corps experience, I was assigned to identify common problems in communities and create solutions that improved sustainable agricultural practices and generate income through agribusiness ventures. While serving in Black Graduate Student Organization, I lead efforts within the urban communities to start youth enrichment programs in Gainesville Florida. Along with this experience, my educational training as a professional has prepared me in formal, nonformal, and informal education, which equips me with the skills necessary to disseminate research base knowledge to individuals that need information in various setting. I have also acquired personal experiences making meaningful contributions to a more diverse academic community, in my professional career prior to graduate school, I had the opportunity to prepare and implement non-formal educational programs, workshops, and events in collaboration with agriculture agents and other stakeholders targeting small and minority farmers in rural communities. As a result of these efforts, farming communities have improved their farm management, financial record-keeping, and computer literacy…show more content…
Therefore, my research interest focuses on building strong communities that invest in minority youth and their future involvement in agriculture and natural resources. However, having more culturally diverse educational programs and initiatives can reach more under-serve populations in the near future. Having programs that are more inclusive in agriculture will make a greater impact on the future agriculture industry and in diverse
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