Internship: Psychology and Intern Essay

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Psychology Internship Reaction Paper
Eric N. Self
Liberty University


The following paper will be a reaction to the experiences within the Psychology Internship. Several topics will be covered to include behaviors that were observed as well as reasoning for said behaviors. This paper will also encompass what the overall benefit was to the intern and what, if any, changes could be made to the experience to allow a more well rounded experience. The intern involved in the Internship requirement will outline a number of topics that were covered that were highly instrumental to the overall experience and how such an experience has changed him and his overall view of the next step in his process. The intern will
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This young lady was a product of a broken home, mother left approximately 12 years ago, leaving two children behind to be raised by their father. The children were never able to establish any real relationship with their mother as she lived in Northern Virginia and the children lived several hours south. The dynamics that were created by

this scenario would ultimately cause this young girl to develop several very disturbing behaviors to include deceitfulness, manipulation, overt sexual behaviors, and an extreme desire to be accepted by the opposite sex. Add to this situation is the fact that her father is now incarcerated for molesting the eldest daughter who is now 20. The 15 year old in question was made aware of the relationship approximately 2 years ago and has been used as a pawn and somewhat of a confidant by both the victim and the father. The 15 year old girl now resides in her uncle’s (the intern) home with his wife and 3 other children. The path to where she is now has been very difficult for her; following her father’s arrest she was sent to her mother’s home along with her brother, while there, the negative behaviors created a very divisive atmosphere. The girl involved was never able to adapt to the new home with her mother and boyfriend, partly because of the mother’s physical and emotional absence most of her life and the lack of positive parenting by

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