Internship Reflection Charter School

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My internship is on a consistent routine working Wednesday and Thursday from 11:30am – 3:30pm each day. I am at 15.5 hours of internship work. I completed an online training unit for bullying prevention called Second Step. This program teaches children how to recognize, respond, and report bullying. This training also provided me with a certificate of completion, which I can add to my personal resume. I have also begun working on an attendance incentive program and the entire school will participate in this program. I have worked with the school administration to learn about State and Federal school attendance policies. I have also researched several attendance incentive programs that other schools use. I will be putting together an article on attendance for the school newsletter and further working with my supervisor to make the finals steps in implementing this program. In addition, I have done some observations on school recess. The school is working towards making recess improvements and my…show more content…
The textbook states that the mission statement generally determines the community served (Kiser, 55). This holds true for Arco Iris, as the community served is the students. The community is the group of students who have the same desire to receive a bilingual education. The school is a state funded charter school. Being a charter school means that families must lottery to get a spot for their child. This unique aspect brings children from all over the city and surrounding areas together into the school community, which is different from just attending the local neighborhood school. The textbook also discusses that at its best, social policy creates a way to prevent human problems (Kiser, p. 62). In the Arco Iris mission statement, this is addressed with the goal of preparing students to be responsible citizens. This goal gives me a better understanding of the schools broader social
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