Internship Reflection

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After this internship made me realised how diverse engineering fields and there is so much new knowledge to learn, considering myself with electrical power engineering background working in construction site which may related on civil engineering field. When I studied the project plan documentations, there is some new term and I need to find extra information on the Internet myself to understand more about the ongoing project. Having said that, knowledge that I have obtained throughout my study in ECU proved to be useful such as basic CAD, mechanic and material courses during my first and second year which make me easier to understand the structure drafting of the floor plans.
For this experience I obtained through my final year project, in which I need to design and manufacture a simple device. I may need to use some tools I had never use before such as the electric drill. That project is basically about wave energy converter. This experience broaden my knowledge about engineering as general and allows me to learn things that I cannot obtained in class such as real engineering design experience where I need to planed, drew and even manufactured my own design with the help of workshop during my final year project, while in this internship I experience firsthand how to manage and checking an ongoing project in such a huge scale and also how a team should work in big group compared to a small group of 4-5 people in class.
When doing a huge project during my internship, I
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