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Internships are a learning experience of new skills and improving on previous skills that you have gained.
I have through the school tours been training to be a docent, but one day in the past two weeks I had official docent training with other students. Everyone learned the story of the Eel-Stowe and Nathan Clark-Stockade house. Also, we were taught where the lights were in each house, and how to uncover the windows, objects, and hide the covering before the visitors came to the house. Then we learned how to cover the windows and the objects once the day was done. We were told some artifacts that young children may handle when they are visiting the houses for the day. Everyone received schedules and information packets in order to
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In total there were eight speakers who were trying to help draw more crowds to historical treasures. They encouraged the use of impressive costumes and trained actors and actresses to make the stories docents tell to be more engaging with the public. They did not encourage the historical societies and museums to train their own staff for this type of acting. They wanted to keep historical content within an entertainment realm, since everyone loves a performance. It must be well produced and give a good majority of historical details, but not everything. Thus led to our next few days of school tours where I tried to keep the program with the kids amusing if I was a docent.
Another school tour I gave the coordinating introduction and led the students to their first station. Then I went to the Eel-Stowe house where I watched Susan who gave the first tour, and then I helped with the next two groups by doing the two upstairs rooms for the program. I talked about how the people during colonial times stayed warm in the parent’s and kids bedrooms. Once, it was the fourth rotation I watched Tim Chaucer give the tour of the Indian room to the students. After, I was done for the day I talked to Tim to tour his museum and have an archaeology day with him as part of my internship. He is an amateur archaeologist. I was coordinator during another school tour. I gave the students the rules of the Milford Historical Society. During my down time before switching groups I

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