Internship Reflection Paper : Psychological Associates

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Internship Reflection Paper: Psychological Associates During the summer of 2015, I obtained an internship at Psychological Associates. I applied for the Organizational Development Intern position during winter break of 2014. After the assessment and interview process, I was given the opportunity to expand my knowledge in the field. Psychological Associates is located in the heart of Clayton, Missouri where I immediately fell in love with the culture and atmosphere of the company. No matter the organization or level of experience from the C-suite to the front line, Psychological Associates ensures companies are selecting suited employees for particular roles through assessing, developing, and guiding employees at all levels. Since I am pursuing a Ph. D degree in Industrial/Organizational Psychology, this experience played a critical role in my overall understanding of the profession and enhanced my skills to complement my education thus far. Being an Industrial/Organizational psychologist interests me because I strive in an environment with high demand. I am also very goal and team oriented, which is demonstrated by being a student-athlete at Lindenwood University and also being involved with multiple organizations and extracurricular activities. Those two characteristics are also critical aspects of Industrial/Organizational psychology. While I strive in an environment with high demands, I often have a problem saying no to taking on assignments because I seek various

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