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An Internship Report as Intern Programmer Analyst Submitted in fulfillment of the requirements for the award of the Degree Of MASTERS in COMPUTER SCIENCE By Rahul Sharma NALAM ( 700630254) Under the guidance of “Dr. Xiaodong Yue” Department of Mathematics & Computer Science, University of central Missouri, Warrensburg, Missouri- 64093 PREFACE This document specifies the work that I did during the Internship course at RAMPS International Inc., New Jersy under the guidance of Dr. Xiaodong Yue (UCMO). Starting with the report, It gives the complete overview of my activities and technical experience gained through the course CS5020. I hope that I was successful in representing my work in this report in a very simple way and also technically right. Rahul Sharma NALAM ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS I am very thankful to Dr. Xiaodong Yue for being my adviser throughout the intern program. I also want to thank my supervisor and the team for their motivation and support during the program. They helped me to complete this work successfully. I want to express my appreciation to the department of computer science for giving me this opportunity to take internship at any organization. CONTENTS 1. INTRODUCTION 5 1.1 Place and Form of Work 5 2. Project and Responsibilities 5 3. Technical Skills Learned 7 4. Role Description 7 5.

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