Internship Report On School Of Art And Design

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INTERNSHIP REPORT Summer 2015 BY NAGA PRAVEEN KUMAR PENDYALA Z1731074 Acknowledgement I would like to thank my Manager Janie Wilson-Cook, for giving me an opportunity to work at the Visual Resource Center, School of Art and Design, NIU. It was a good summer and I really enjoyed working under you. It helped me to grow in different aspects of my career. My sincere thanks to Art School instructors and administrative staff for their continuous support. Thanks to my Family and Friends. You are always encouraging and supportive. Finally, I am thankful to Dr. Robert Zerwekh for allowing me do this Internship without which it would not be possible to learn many new things, which I learned from this Internship. Table of Contents Acknowledgement 4 1. About School of Art and Design. 4 2. Project Scope 4 3. Tools and Technologies Used. 5 4. Projects worked on as Intern 6 5. What I learned as an Intern 11 6. Interaction with other Employees and Supervisors. 12 7. Conclusion 12 1. About School of Art and Design The School of Art and Design, with a faculty of more than 40 artists, designers, and scholars, and an enrollment of more than 450 undergraduate and 80 graduate students, is one of the best and most comprehensive public university art schools in the United States, with a nationally established reputation in a number of fields. The long-standing quality of the School of Art and Design 's programs, its affiliation with a major
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