Internship Report On Skid Internship

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Final Report
In all honesty, I did not know what to expect when heading into this internship. I knew my boss on a personal level being that he is my brother-in-law but I only had brief experiences working alongside him and his employees. The very first day Derek, my employer made his expectations loud and clear he was to have 110% and nothing less. The first week on my internship I was assigned to sorting through seemingly endless amounts of red iron and tin among other things with a skid steer. Overtime I went from having very little familiarity with the piece of equipment to having spent days maneuvering through the mud and sand that was behind the shop. One day as I was riding I was reminded of a time in Mr. Fritt’s Concrete class where the class took turns learning to operate a skid steer belonging to OSUIT it was very satisfying to realize how far I had come.
The next week I received even more practice on the skid steer as I was told I was to spend quite a bit of time mowing a couple of different locations with a brush hog and for the next few days that was the mission. I spent many hours on something that may have seemed meaningless to many and learn to take pride in it. Mid way through the week I went to my first real site. The facility was owned by a company called Archrock. I only spent a day there but in that little bit of time I was hit with a wealth of knowledge about compressors. I understood what the pipeline is about and how it has brought convenience to every
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