Internship Report On The Intern

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Final report Internship

1. Introduction
1.1 Description of internship provider
The intern has done an internship programme which took place at a company named Reclaimed Timber Trader. It is located at 4/5 Matipo Lane, Palmerston North. This company was established in 2009 as Human Aid Focus charitable trust, which is trading timber as Reclaimed Timber Trader (RTT). The owners are Robert Scott and Adrienne Scott from New Zealand, who are really concern on the change in environment as well as society. Fundamental purpose of this company is to create a job opportunity for people who are not able to find job anywhere else. For example, people with disabilities, criminal convictions, or those who are willing to gain experience about work with timber. Therefore, timber is such a tool to provide a work field for people, meanwhile reduce the number of waste goes to landfill.
1.2 Background
1.2.1 Timber waste in landfill
Timber is the biggest in volume among stuff in landfill, with the proportion of 14% of the total waste (Statistic New Zealand, 2008). Recently, Palmerston North City Council (2012) stated the proportion of timber waste slightly decrease into 13% in 2012 (PNCC, 2012). From recycling perspective, timber is considered as “partially recoverable” waste, since the untreated timber can be reused directly, while the treated timber is such a problem due to the chemical it contains (PNCC, 2012). According to PNCC (2012), the number of potentially recovered timber is 2,834
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